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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Emily Rose...Wah lao...

Just finished watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose...Oh man...really scared the hell out of heart beats barely their normal state...every moment of the movie was very exciting..u'll get excited all the way to the end of the movie...

(Beware..spoilers ahead)

The movie is basically about a trial of a priest who was charged with negligence murder we all know...emily rose...Emily Rose was supposed to have a rare kind of epilepsy(any various neurological disorders characterized by sudden recurring attacks of motor, sensory, or psychic malfunction with or without loss of consciousness or convulsive seizures)..called something like psychosis epilepsy or something..which is the combination of being psychotic(Crazy) and having epilepsy(中风).

The defense, however..believed that Emily was in fact has been possessed by ademon..which later was showed that Emily was really possessed by a demon with..not one, not two, but six...i mean...SIX names...whoa!! That was a hell of a demon on that poor 19-year-old beautiful girl...sob sob..T_T..

As the trial went on...the more darker side of the exorcism began to appear...and finally the climax of the film was when the actual exorcism took place...(the scene where the demon told the priest who was he was actually kinda cool..^_^")

"I'm the one who delt within CAIN.."

"I'm the one who delt within NERO.."

"I once delt within JUDAS.."

"And I was with LEGION.."

"I am BELIAL.."

".....And I am LUCIFER...the DEVIL IN THE FLESH.."

that's when the whole Hell thing begins to rock your world..(exaggerated..^_^")

Alamak..I haven't done my homework yet!!! But i think that was worth the time i spent on watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose...A great movie it will ever be...

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