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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Strange Dream...

Yesterday..I have a strange dream...Oh my god...This is not the first time I dreamt about these strange dreams...It's kind funny that people can dream about these things...And so there's lots of research and discussions about the causes and effects of dreams in our life..Some people believed that dreams are a type of premonition etc etc...

I've dreamt about having to be with a old friend of mine..Yes, I once liked her...But that was in primary school...In that dream...all things seem perfect to me..I got my girl...I got to kiss the girl...I'm happy...But...the problem is, why I can be so confused as to choose my primary school friend as my girlfriend???

It's not that i like her now..She's one of my best friend..

There's got to be a problem with me...Oh my...Looks like i have to go and see a psychiatrist and try to "decipher" my dream..^_^"

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