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Monday, January 02, 2006

Hmm..Nothing to do leh..Boring day...

Oh my oh my...boring day..whole afternoon playing dota to kill time..

Weather's a bit weird today..Rain twice..A little cool..

Yea..Almost forgot..I watched funny..full of stupid jokes..

Did I tell you that Initial D's songs rocks? haha..They really do..

Ya..Talking about songs..if you like songs..then you'll understand if I say there's some songs that you'll like for a VERY long time.. all-time favourites are the English love songs..I can't remember 'cause there's too much songs that I like..The oldies are the best..Nowadays the songs are either hip hop or rock..Sometimes I get bored with them..I needed some soothing musics..^_^"

Hmm..It's going to 2am soon..


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