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Monday, January 16, 2006

Home..Sweet Home..^_^"

I'm back home!! I reached Bagan Serai (Perak) at about 5am..Earlier I went to KL with Benny..with Small Ken..But only Benny and I went down before Puduraya as Ken's going to her sister's place..

We went to Timesquare..saw a lot of things..but I was tired..'cause the day before I went to Pure Bar..After that slept at 7am..huhu..2 hours sleep then went to kl..haha.Walking like a zombie I was..

I bought a sweater there..Wild Channel one..Quite nice..^_^"..Then I saw a key chain with names carved on it..So..I chose my name as well as a friend of mine..Hope she will like it..^_^"..

I met an interesting situation later..We went to McD of Sungei Wang..While resting there a beautiful, young white woman put a card on top of our table..On the card, it writes :"I am a deaf perosn..please buy this pin to help others like me..etc etc.."..On the top right corner of the card there hangs a small pin of tweety bird..

I'm thinking..hmm..this is the first time a deaf people asked donation from me..So..Without hesitation I bought it..for RM10..Benny asked me wether I was cheated or not..but I think She's being true to me..Even if she cheated me then so be it..It's hard to not to help when u thinks "what if I'm deaf and nobody wants to help me?", right?

I'm back..

^_^" (ding!)

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Anonymous said...

uh. love this style!