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Friday, March 03, 2006

My feelings..

So many things happened..I'm now feeling like..erm..sad? Yes..that is what i'm feeling right now..

Firstly..the "surprise" i'm hoping for her got a terrible blow..jyn said it's not something special..What the..Now i'm thinking wether my "surprise" is a piece of shit or a piece of master..hmm..

Secondly..There's so many homework to do..Oh my..

Thirdly..So so feeling's not like i'm single that i felt's because thinking of her i felt lonely..haha..stupid me..

I think I'm not such important person in her life..what am I anyway thinking she should treat me better? I'm just a 6-month old friend to her anyway..Feeling jealous? Naive..But...I can't denied that feeling that is still inside me..

I said to myself..After her b'day I'm going to make my decision..wether to wait for her answer or just get over it..find another girl in like..5 years time? I hope so..

It's funny that I fell in love easily..haha..I should have stoned my heart before I came to MMU..

Hmm..It's too late now anyway..I already fell in love..Now trying to live with that..

The heart of men can be eithe fragile and strong..I'm the one with the fragile one..

Will anyone understands me?

I hope someone will..

For now..

Keep life cool..But I know..beneath the happiness there will always be sadness..

That's the fact about me..Some portion of sadness will be in my heart as long as I'm in love..

love should be a happy feeling right?

I'll try to love my own way..Hope she can see that..but most probably she won't..

But nevermind..Love is to give..wether you will get any return is not really important..Just'll be a much happier person if your efforts are appreciated..right?

^_^"..(What is beneath the smiley face? Can you guess?)

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