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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well, Earth Hour came and it's gone! Hope everyone off their lights during that time~ :D

I was having dinner that time, too bad the restaurant didn't off the lights, I was hoping to have a candlelight dinner..xD

Anyway for those who participated in turning off their lights, kudos to you all~

See you next year again Earth Hour!


tinabeh! said...

eh alvin, i have never realised that you've such a big passion towards earth hour! can't believe this as you are turning on your pc 24*7 throughout the year! :P

Alvin Chen said...

Haha, there's something called Energy Star. Figure it out yourself. :D

tinabeh! said...

eh friend, it helps to save only 20-30% of the energy! :) muahaha! turn off your pc whenever you arent using! save the earth by stop having this weird habit!