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Friday, March 27, 2009

Too many shooters..

I was playing too much shooters lately, there's F.E.A.R, Serious Sam series, and the ever popular Counterstrike.

Bad mistake.

I was getting headache after playing F.E.A.R for 3 hours. Woke up next morning, or should I say afternoon at 3pm. Shit, I got to stop this, I tell myself.

The curious part got the better part of me. I want to know what will happen to Alma!!

Result? Playing F.E.A.R amid the headaches and vomiting feel that's buggering me for 3 whole days.

I've stopped playing, for a while. I'm back to playing The Witcher again. :D

It's quite a popular game in the West, but it seems that not many play this game here in Malaysia.

The Witcher
is a mature and a quite realistic RPG (realistic = all social problems exist here like racism etc etc) which emphasis on the morality of you the gamer. You are to choose between good, evil or just being neutral (The choice is itself a difficult task xD) compared to those kill-10-evil-dogs-so-that-you-can-prove-you-are-a-good-guy RPGs.

P/S: Lot's of sex scene too!(Censored of course, only got sound xD)

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Jia Xing said...

I dont have the guts to play FEAR.