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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm using my left hand for my mouse right now. I think it's about time I get back to my dominant hand. WC3, Dota, CS ; I'll have to relearn them again. I'll give a day-to-day update on my progress. :D

First Day (27th May 2009)

Things still feel a little awkward; will automatically raise my right hand to the right side of the keyboard to get the mouse.

PoPoint 2

Been trying this mini-game to improve my reflexes. With my right hand the best I could manage is 3.9s. I got a 4.01 with my left hand. It's impressive, taking into account that I just switched to left hand for no more than a few hours.

Warcraft 3 and Counter-Strike : Suck badly. Totally out of control. I can barely beat the AI with easy difficulty.

Dear left hand, please master this mouse!

2nd Day

Well, I got a 4.006s for popoint. LOL. Played a game of warcraft. stilll suck. My hero died to hits from buildings THREE times. xD

3rd Day and onwards..

Went back to hometown, have to stop using left hand, will continue when new semester starts.. :D


Anonymous said...

anything happened to ur right hand? =_= y wanna train ur left hand de...?

Alvin Chen said...

haha, Yulin don't worry, there's nothing wrong with my right hand. I just want to try see how it feels to be using my left hand for the mouse. Furthermore, I'm left-handed too, keke..

Anonymous said...

ooo.. XD

KrisKan said...

you got mouse for left-hand one ar? so funny....I am left hander too :P

Alvin Chen said...

Actually, my mouse is ambidextrous, suitable for both left and right hand, so it's very easy to switch hands..the brand is Razer (A little expensive, cost me rm175 when i bought it way back during beta year xD)