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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Dark Side of Apple

Last Sunday was shopping day and with Aireen together we went to Alamanda Putrajaya for our shopping session.

Our lunch at Sushi King was a pleasant one, but both of us needs to go to the toilet afterwards. Weird.

Anyway, while waiting for Aireen to finish her business, I stopped by a news stall and I was attracted by this one magazine (I forgot the mag's name, it's a Malaysian tech mag.)

The cover is The Dark Side of Apple. I was sceptical at first. But as curious as a cat, I read on.

It turns out that Apple have been sweeping its problem under the carpet. The article mentioned various cases of exploding ipods and cracking iphones. There's nothing wrong with that, I said to myself. There's bound to be some defective products produced.

What astounded me is the action that Apple took to handle such cases; by silencing the owners with gagging orders.

I mean, what the hell? Why not just replace the owners with a new one? Instead Apple went through all the troubles to gag the owners, from threatening them NOT to compensate them if they do not keep silent to court orders preventing the press to report them.

Back home, I did some research to find out if all of these allegations are true. Unfortunately, they are.

All these happened in the West. I really hope that there's no such cases in Malaysia, but I doubt that myself.

Here's all the news, for the interested ones.

Next time if you want to buy an Apple product, think trice. :D

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Jia Xing said...

When Steve Jobs is not around.........