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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Relax (1st Semester 09/10 officially ends)

Phew! That is all I can utter right now. It’s been quite a nice 1st semester 09/10 for me.

To be frank, I was a little disappointed in myself for getting myself into extension of my degree course, and since I’m already in this deep shit, I might as well make the best out of this “extended semester”.

Boy, how glad I did made the best out of the 4 months given to me.

Internship life I will experience….a year later

Things were not that pleasant though at the beginning. Friends and course mates around me all were either complaining or enjoying their new internship life, a life I know I will not be living through it till a year later. To make matters worse, some even were lucky enough to be in foreign countries having the so called training aka vacation.

As a consolation, there’s still some very good friends I came to knew back from the 3rd semester of year 08/09, who’s taking the same subjects as me. At least I’ll not be alone all the time. :D

New housemate, with a new twist too

Oh, a new housemate arrives in our reasonably-clean house. Quite a shy fellow, but nonetheless a very pleasant guy to talk to.

I got myself into trouble too, for what apparently, for all the wrong reasons. I came to realize that, where most people have the same sense of humour as yours, there’s some who don’t.

 A room for three, all mine *evil grin*

A roommate of mine went back to his hometown for internship, another moving to the single room for a while, means that the room that is meant for the three of us is now..mine. *drool*

It’s always a pleasant experience to have the privacy and the room all to myself, but I do miss the presence of my roommates, too quiet can be harmful to health.

Oh, and my sincere apology to Robin, for which I used his table for my notes and stuffs. I’m very sorry Robin, I will clear them off before you’re back okay? Hehe.. :P

Nua-ing before examinations

Without the pressure from my fellow housemates when it comes to study for final exams, I found myself in a state of nua (lazy in Hokkien) 2 weeks before my first paper. I haven’t even touched my notes at that time. Instead gaming and watching movies were my top priorities, for 3-4 days. It’s until when there’s only 10 days left before my first test that I came to realize the apparent fate I will suffer if I continue nua-ing.

An experience I hope I will not go through again, or it shall be the real doom of me. *shudders*


Lucky for me, all my papers were not that difficult, which I hope will give me a decent result. *Finger crossed*


This is one moment of life where all the minute things I often disregard become so apparent without all the attractions and distractions around me.

A good lesson learned. :)

See you guys next semester! Happy holiday!

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