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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Since the beginning of my industrial training I have been lacking in doing exercises. To my surprise, I didn't gained any weight! (Up 1kg at one time, but came down the next week)

This week I'm going to start all over again with the one hundred pushups challenge. As you may have guessed it, I followed this programme before, but I stopped at Week 4. Lazy, busy, not enough time. All the usual excuses.

But I guess it's time to follow this till the end for once and for all if I want to have the stamina of a gymnast. I hope everyone follow this programme too. Suitable for all ages and for both sexes.

For girls, I recommend going to The trainer is a very hot woman with a VERY hot body. Follow her training if you want to be hot too, stopped giving excuses like tired la after work. Just do 30 minutes every 2 days is not a very difficult task. Imagine, you only have to use 30 minutes of your 48 hours. There is no ugly women, only lazy ones. ^^

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