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Friday, November 18, 2005

My First Week of 2nd Semester

Well..Time flies so fast...a week was gone since the start of the 2nd semester...and i'm going to talk something about it..haha...

When i first came back i was a bit nostalgic 'cause there's so many sweet and bitter memories here..oh i missed all these moments so much...T_T..

'Cause this semester will be a short one, everything is going at a very fast fast pace..i'm felt a little worried when the lecturers mentioned that the midterm tests, assignments, tutorials..etc etc..have to be submitted much earlier then what i've expected...but well..this is life...and Pressure Is My Pleasure!!

Everything is just fine right now for me..maybe because the due date to the deadlines are still 'far'..haha...But..unlike the 1st semester..i have to work a little bit harder now...i don't want to have a result that i think i shouldn't have deserved...i'll try my best to get the best result i'll ever get..(kinda over-confident??)

Yea..btw...i'll be updating it every week for this free to drop a comment or two if you have the time..but for now...time to have fun!!

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