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Saturday, December 31, 2005

31st..stupid day..

I hate 31st of December..You know why? Because when a new year come..I have to think back what I have been doing whole year know what? I can't remember doing anything significant..

Imsomnia..I wish I have one..I getting a little tired of sleeping..

I still can't get over my problem..although I'm feeling better but the problem is still there..UNSOLVED..

I'm getting tired of everything..

And so..

I've made my decision..

To moderate everything and anything..

You don't understand?


Not happy..yet not sad..

Not angry..yet not satisfied..

Not pain..yet not comfortable..

Not hate..yet not love..

Not caring..yet not ignoring..

Not expensive..yet not cheap..

Not talkative..yet not quiet..

Not awake..yet not sleeping..

Do you understand? Or do you not?

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