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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Whoa! What are we doing??

Oh my Oh my..I just woke up..You know why? I didn't well as May, Bernard and Yuki..We're downstairs all night long..We're waiting for May to do the Chapter 5 questions..Intergration..But..At about 3am I can't continue..left Bernard and May trying to figure out on how to solve the well as Yuki trying to understand and finish his one..As for me..I'm playing with May's laptop..searching for songs..trying to figure out how to get connected..EP line SUCKS!

Yuki bought some Oreo biscuits down..We're so hungry..So eat Oreo to hold on..

Until about 4.30am I'm typing craps on the laptop..You want to know what i typed? Haha..maybe later I'll post it..I've saved it on May's laptop..The craps were basically about me being boring trying to kill time..discussed about some things..

At 6..finally..everyone's VERY hungry..So we went to have dim sum..later we saw BK with his friends..hmm..he seemed to be very busy..never see him in class but somehow..I think he's leading a healthy life (???)..I mean he waking up so early and having breakfast..Anyway..we sat there and have some dim sum and porridge..Then talked mostly crap..

Then We walked to the market nearby..We wanted to see May's "cousin"..haha..Then there's some drizzle..and so we went back to EP..The security guard was sleeping SO SOUNDLY..very funny..I should've take down the photo of him sleeping..haha..

Anyway..I slept in like..less then 2 minutes from the moment I lie down on my warm bed..


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