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Monday, December 26, 2005

Back To Melaka..

I just came back from Hometown..and my head is trying to crack a bad headache..maybe i did not slept well on the bus..anyway..i'm feeling better now compared to how i felt when i'm on the bus..

Before benny and i board the bus my father was like so nervous about it..i mean the bus..and i thought,what to worry about? the bus can't be running away since we arrived at the station early..well..i think every parents tend to think for their kids instead of letting them go..haha..

Well..I'm back..Everything's back on track?? I hope so..加油!!

1 comment:

Raindeer said...

huhu... flu .. :(
you came back melaka faster than i do .. huhu ..
how the google thingy works >.<"
cannot see one..