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Sunday, December 25, 2005

At hometown..

Back at hometown..I didn't sleep..Turn on my pc and surfing net..Somehow..i can't sleep..maybe i slept too much on the bus..

At 7am, i went to taiping with my parents..'cause my parents wanted to fetch some students to the driving went along..haha..i can drive that Innova..^_^"..

Then after settling all their works we went to the bus station there and bought tickets back to Melaka..

By afternoon i went out with chia wei to parit buntar..with the innova..hehe..heavy rain..we're searching for presents for the party..the plan is that at the end of the party there'll be an exchange of have to buy their own presents..

we ate "Tu Bak Hun"..that is..猪肉粉..a little weird the taste..But..still..very delicious..If you're an "animal lover"..^_^"

Chia Wei bought a glass-shaped pig..while i bought a square-sized glass with the zodiac on it..Leo for my own..another Aries..for a friend..^_^"..

I was so tired..and i slept for a while while watching TV..I can't seem to get attracted to tv anymore except as a time killer..

At the party..whoa..we're having steamboat..nice..after having steamboat i have a very nice conversation with my old friends..feeling nolstagic..yet strange as things've changed a lot since a very long time ago..haha..

By 11.40pm I phone May..she's all alone in her phoned her and spend some time talking with her..until 12..haha..nice conversation..

later we played some trivia games...I'm not explaining what games we're playing 'cause it's too complicated to be explained here..except for one..which everyone has to choose a small roll of notes among many..and to do whatever the notes tell you to..that is..if the instruction is to want you to act as a have friend has to eat a mouthful of Chilli sauce..omg..the other has to act as a tortoise!!haha..

We played until about 2.30am..then..everyone was tired..and we headed tired..overall..nice x'mas party..

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