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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Chirstmas's coming..and so do the midterms...

Having my midterm tomorrow..and i think i'll sucks in it..if i can just pass then i'll be very very's THAT worst of my preparation..i'm just wishing it to be a pass..

Finally..I've lost my sanity..How fragile love fragile..Hmm..Do I have to tell her that i ONCE love her? Of course not! What's the point in telling someone that you love her..which was a long long time ago?? But somewhere in my heart tells me that i should tell least let her know how beautiful she was to me..

What Should I do??

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Raindeer said...

you had spoken 13 bad words for only a day .. and that was when u wanna control yourself not to say any bad words... can u imagine that ? if i didnt asked u to control you will keep on saying rude words .. huhuhu
Rm 13 for savings
cool eh?!