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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Oh my...i barely study for the midterm!! Played moo moo instead with housemates...i really have a very weak dicipline...I'll surely suck in this midterm..T_T..

I'm thinking of writting a letter..a letter to someone...will this be a beginning of a whole new experience?? I think it would..

I'm going back to my home town this friday after the physics midterm test..I can see my family..miss them so much...and so are my friends..they're having bbq on christmas eve..^_^"..

The most important point of going back to be able to drive my mom's new car..huhu..i just spend like half an hour driving it when it first arrived..then the next thing was i was back in Melaka..haha..

Midterm countdown: 9 hours 25 minutes..

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