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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

KL..part 2

2nd Day..

Can't sleep well during the 1st night..and so...woke up at 8 to have a pee..then went back to sleep...everybody woke up at 11...when reimie's gf called..

We have nasi lemak as breakfast..with fruits and kari sotong..made me thought about my family..^_^"..

I saw May's piano..then have some fun with it..haha..i still can play some pieces...^_^"..We went to 1 utama...with May's friend..have some window shopping..and i bought a shirt from Radioactive..cute shirt..'cause there's a rabbit design on it..haha..

The sad part of this trip is just about to reimie asked May wether she can fetch her girlfriend..which is a no 'cause there's no more space for her...Everybody's worrying about it..which i think was really sad...Nevertheless..Have lunch at Shakey's Pizza..The pasta sucks..T_T..

We went back a little late..and May's starting to have a very bad mood..when she's driving she's a totally different person...fuyo...didn't talk with her along the way..which i think really bothered me and her...I hate being passenger to cars...'cause i'll be having headache...that's another reason for me to keep quiet...

Later we went to Time Square while May, with her family went to have some kind of reunion dinner with her grandfather...So..Rommel and I went to Sungei Wang, Lowyat...Wah..Lowyat..really is a crowded place..each floor is specific to a certain product it seems..the 2nd floor's for handphones while the 3rd is for PCs...really a lot of people..and everybody there spoke Cantonese..which made me i can't speak Cantonese..

Met with Reimie with her girlfriend at McD of Sungei Wang..Soon we have to go May's dinner was sooner to end then expected..It seemed to me that the WORST part of the trip begins from there..

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