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Sunday, December 18, 2005

KL..part 1

Went to KL last friday with Rommel and Reimi...Let start this story then..Actually i'm doubting this trip would be a happy trip...i'll explain my doubt later...

1st Day

We started out on 11.30am..after our physics tutorial...gerard fetched us to Melaka Central..with irene...I was so tired on the a headache...T_T..

We reached KL about 2pm..then we went to Rommel's auntie's house..have some rest there..Her auntie's flat is quite small..just enough for a 4 member family i guess..Met her cousin Michelle..

Later we went to meet Reimie's girlfriend and her sister and her friend..Have lunch at LOT 10..the food make things even worst...we didn't have any conversation with reimie's gf and her sister...There's a feel that we're not from the same class of may be stereotyping but i'm not used to have famous people talking to me..

Well..after lunch reimie followed her gf while Rommel and I went to Time Square..Such a big place..and expensive..haha..We just walked around and finally spending most of our time at Borders..a famous bookstore...

found some of Jimi's book there...but it seems that the book that May liked was not there..a little dissapointed..I'm thinking of giving that book to her as a gift..

Nontheless..have a great time there...the bookstore really is very spacious..not like popular or MPH..the things there seems very "stuffed"...

Later we went to watch Narnia..OMG...what a dissapointment...the movie is a bit naive in my opinion..not strong enough to express what it wants to express...a little lame...the fighting sucks...the graphic sucks..the storyline..linear..If you want to watch it..beware...

after have a walk at Bintang Walk..a lot of promoters..especially the foot massaging...almost blocked my way..then...passed by quicksilver boardriders club..Just as we are about to walk in the door warden stopped us..stating that there's a private function going on...any person without the invitation letter is not allowed inside...What a bummer..

But that later thought about Yuki..haha..he's going to quicksilver too...and he got invitation letters...hehe...and May's coming too..^_^...All the items there has most 50 percent!!!But..can't find something't buy anything...

May suggested we stay at her leaving Quicksilver went to take our we go to May's Klang...

Her father seldom fact none to us...and her mom just asked us some questions and that's it..the atmosphere was quiet..our worst dream came true...are her parents mad or something??

Whoa..her house was..artistic...every corner of her house was of chinese paintings and 书法...i'm impressed...we stayed in her sister's room..her sister is in JB..look a lot like May..

After settling down..Have some chat with May..talked about many things..

I can't sleep..the bed is obviously too small for 3 fully grown young adults..rommel on my left and reimie on my right..i'm like a make things worse...rommel was talking in his dream and reimie's snoring..Arg!!!!

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