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Thursday, December 29, 2005

To get over my sadness...

After class I went back to Ep to have a nap..I'm trying to forget my problems..Haha..I really felt better after the nap..which was a long one..about 3 hours i guess..^_^"

Later I tried to do the calculus assignment..Wah lao..I really don't know how to do..but..I tried anyway..Remember what I said? I'll not give up just yet..haha..^_^"..

Have dinner with housemates..It's been a while since I've any dinner with my housemates 'cause of Rommel and May..Almost every dinner is either "Da Bao" or at MMU Cormer with both of them..Haha..One of my housemate, "Dai Lou" is not as unapproachable as I thought..But..I'm stereotyping..again..huhu...

Chat a lot of things with him as well as other housemates..mostly about games..haha..Boring topic right? Not to us..

Until about 8.30pm suddenly received a call from Chee Kah (President of COS)..Oh my..I forgot that there's a meeting!!! But..What the hell..I'm late to enjoy my dinner...^_^"..

At the meeting..hmm..How Should I describe it? Boring? Yeah..Oh man..It seems that the camp has not enough participants..and so..we're there trying to figure out a way to get more people to join the camp..which I think is futile..

At 10 May called..So..Went downstairs and continue my assignment there..Until now..I'm typing this article with May's laptop..Haha..It feels weird typing with a laptop..It just feels..not right..

Have to go back to work..Still got 2 chapters to do..^_^"..

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