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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The trip back to hometown..

Phew...the trip back to bagan serai was..exciting? lucky? Coz benny and I went to KL..he wanted to buy x'mas presents..but we're stucked in a traffic jam..we reached KL from Melaka in..3 HOURS!!!! Oh man..I'm going to go insane!!

After stopping at Pudu Raya..we with our bulky bags ran like we're in The Amazing Race..Haha..running around trying to get the next ticket to the next destination..haha..In our case we're trying to get back HOME!

The whole station was very many people..especially at the ticket counters..there was rows of rows of different bus companies..We tried to buy the tickets from Transnational..But..Sold out..Then we tried our luck with other companies..They only gave us one response: "No more ticket..Habis.."

OH NO! I looked at Benny..Benny looked at me..what are we going to do??!! No more ticket!! Luckily..we heard a bus operator shoutting :" Taiping!! Taiping!! Taiping Sembilan Tengah!!(9.30om)" Then we quickly rushed towards him..then we saw a counter..then..FINALLY!! There's tickets going north!! We quickly asked for 2 tickets back to Bagan Serai..only to be shocked again..The tickets cost RM28!! That's more expensive then normal price by RM10!!! But we can't do anything since every other counter's ticket were sold bought it..with heavy hearts..

After buying the tickets..we quickly rushed to a gift shop..inside was full of x'mas presents and accesories..Benny bought a glass apple with a x'mas cap for girls..hmm..he's buying them for a girl..obviously..and i just know who's the girl he's going to give his presents to...

Next stop ==> KFC! We stop by at a small kfc shop by the road near Petaling Street..It's a little contrast..The KFC by the main road was packed like a sardin dish..but in this KFC there's one inside..haha..lucky..we're worrying that we're going to queue for another 15 minutes again..Only by then we got the time to relax and settle down..

After eating nuggets and wedges we kept our zinger burgers for the trip..Then we head off to Pudu Raya for our bus..Again..we waited for the buss for hour..Oh My God!! By the time we saw our heart sank's a Bas Pekerja..(Workers' bus)..not the standard express bus..

There's no relieve in this!! I was so down I went numb..not happy..yet not sad..Maybe I'm tired or something..The bus only started the journey after we waited in the bus for 30 minutes..they're waiting for extra passengers..

I slept in the bus..benny was surprised that I can sleep inside the bus..I was so tired..

I slept until we stopped at Ipoh..Then I slept again..until we reached taiping..then..finally..Bagan I stepped down onto bagan serai ground everything's familiar again to me..the air of it..the feel of it..It's all coming back to me now..

As we're walking back to my house..I saw stars..bright, shinning stars..the last time I saw them was a very long time ago..'cause i'm too busy in many things I missed it out..Somehow..At time I wished Someone would also see those beautiful stars..haha.. home..

Well..I'm back..

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