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Monday, January 30, 2006

Chinese New Year!!

Haha..It's chinese new year 2006!!

It's been a while since I update my blog..^_^"..I almost forget about my blog..since a lot of things happened lately..

I've got my 2nd semester result..Well..GPA 3.245..Quite bad..but I'm relieved because I passed Calculus..I thought I can fail..But I didn't..and I want to thank my classmates..especially Rommel, May, Irene, Bernard, Reimie and Soket..Their determination moved me..Thanks guys and gals..

Well..Today is the 2nd day of new year of the lunar calender..and I losed RM30 to my little cousin..T_T...Everytime I gamble..It's a sure thing that I will lose..EVERY YEAR!! But..anyway..It just showed me that gambling is not for me..which is a good thing (I'll not go bankrap to gambling..^_^")

I have not opened my red packets yet..It's a first for me this year..'cause I'll sure open them by the time I reached home from relatives' and friends' homes..Haha..Does this mean I've grown up??

My godsister bought me a red shirt..She just gave me yesterday..I thought she won't buy me anything anymore...but..she proved me wrong..Really must give her a big thank you to her..

Oh..before I end this..I want to mention something..I've been missing her..quite frequently in fact..What shall I do??

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