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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Came Back Happily..But Stay Here Sad?

Hehe..I'm back to Melaka..First came into EP already saw 2 new from ipoh..another seremban..Quite excited actually..

1st nite quite went out with May..Then saw Bernard and Irene..Later have a walk around school with May and Bernard..Chat about things..Feeling the cold wind blowing my face..the chill..the peace...the's all actually quite boring if without someone by yourside..especially with the one you love..^_^"..

Now I just came back from a night walking..with rommel this time..Haha..He's back..Talked things out..joke things out...and most importantly..We went to President Square to see the stars..Happy moments..^_^"...

Hope all this will not end..In fact I wish this feeling will never end..which is..unfortunately..will end anyway..but then the memory will always be a part of me..Haha..

Now so tired..Sleep...

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Anonymous said...

hm. amazing post!