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Friday, July 14, 2006

Long time no see!!

Whoa!! It's been a while since i update this blog..haha..4 months to be precise..haha..

Ok..In these four months..I've been neglecting this blog..coz I wrote another blog..hehe..the friendster blog..To tell the truth, it's better in some ways because it has an automatic announcement when you update your blog and someone, anyone may see your blog..

But I think blogspot is better in some way..secrecy i guess..coz no one ever know you have a blogspot unless you tell them, right? For me, I see blogspot as a online diary..I can write whatever I want without worries..hehe..^_^

Now I'm in MMU cyberjaya, pursuing my degree course-->Electronics majoring in Multimedia..

Things here has been great, the people and the environment here really are different then any other place i ever knew, and I'm greatful that I came here. I still remember the first time I heard the news that I'll be studying at cyberjaya back at melaka..haha..I was so down by never knows if you don't try...

That's all for now..remember to click on my ads oo!! if i earn enough I'll be treating you all a nice meal!!haha..


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