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Friday, September 29, 2006


My first semester's final exams is near, VERY near. 4 days to go. I'm so surprised that I've still got TONNES of studies to do..All I can say is OH MY GOD!! I rechecked my schedule for next semester's subjects and I regretted myself..why not follow your friends? Instead you go your own way and ended up alone!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? That was in my mind..

But..come to think about it..I really do think it's not such a bad thing the least..Much more independency from me myself?We'll see about it when next semester starts..

These days things had been not so good for me..There this tiny little thingy call love coming up all of the sudden and make me somewhat unsettling..Oh well..After thorough thinking..I found out that I'm just lonely..that's all..Not falling in love..but I do want to know how the feelings of being loved..Owww..the must really feels DAMN good huh?

This afternoon..I can't believed my eyes was wet when I'm listening to a song. Oh I THAT desperate??

On to another matter..just a few minutes ago before I wrote this entry I read Irene's blog..and all I can say is WHOA! Good language usage, good use of vocabularies and most importantly is that, her blog is SO SO interesting..Haha..wish my blog would be as nice as hers..

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