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Friday, October 27, 2006

So boring..nothing to do except surfing the net and reading some incredible individuals' blogs for some inspiration..which I did get some..

I've been thinking of doing a nice slide show..but..since i'm at hometown..lack of "resources" made me to wait until I can get a hand on my PC back at cyberjaya..

Okay..these few days..I've been living like the West. I woke up at 12am, and sleeps at 8am. This happened since the first day of Raya or around that time, and during the night you'll feel something cold inside you, something that yearns for a thirst, a thirst that's unquenchable no matter how much you drink..

It's true that this thing --> Loneliness is creapping up on me slowly, unknowingly (until now) and I'm searching for something more than this, but I seems to have absolutely no idea of what I really want! Ironic, isn't it?

God. I do believe your existence, and I once prayed to you too. But being a buddhist I've found out that only by meditating, and wishing good to others, did I find some peace in my heart..

Lack of love? Absolutely not the answer. My family loves me. My friends love me. (even though they didn't show it ^_^)

Or perhaps what I need is a Friend? The one friend that you could spill everything you can on him/her (most probably a her..I can't imagine myself telling secrets of my own to a HIM)..

Or even this LLC motto is the key? Live Life Cool?

huh..I've been writing craps..Confused confused I am now..

Now I can't wait for the 2nd semester to start. Perhaps there'll be surprises for me to receive..

Boringness can make you or break you. Luckily, it made me a new person again.

Special thanks to Irene and The Creative Lawyer* for their inspirational articles..

*Name give by Irene to a MMU law student, not me.




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