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Friday, October 13, 2006


Hohoho..I'm getting out of bed early again!!It's 9.18am and I'm awake now for 25 minutes..It's a big improvement..last week,no in fact it's been 2 weeks since I woke up before noon..all the studying..all the animes..and the gaming sessions..really make my life upside down!

With a new resolution in mind..I hope this will be the start a new me..Not the one that's sleeps at 6am and wake up at 2pm..and always regrets things..but doesn't have the initiative to make things better..

I'm going to Bukit Bintang at 10am later..hope I will have the energy to make the trip..haha..I'm planning to buy my ticket back to hometown as well as a Razer Diamondback(A gaming mouse)..probably some new clothes and some acessories..

Now I'm hungry..

Got a picture from
National Geographic Magazine in mind for a very long time..Finally got it..An Afghan girl with such beautiful green eyes..Such eyes..I remember it was a big news back then..when the United States attacked Afghanistan and all..This picture really got the attention of many people..Just look at those eyes..So attractive..yet they hide the momories of countless sorrows..countless death..

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