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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Have been thinking a lot..thinking about the same thing again and again..I don't know what I should do anymore..feeling helpless..even though I should not think so 'cause the only one who's going to help me is me one will..

Having a dilemma here..been reading some posts at Chinese a lot of insights in the world of love..or have I?Truly, it's complicated, and I'm determined to make them look easy..

*hoho..such confident words..*


I've made my decision..I want to be a better person..I have been promising myself I will be a better person..but not until now that I realized that I've been a fool..Now I know what I really want to be..what people will see in me..I don't want to be that little boy who's always fooling around anymore..I want to be a man..

Stay tuned for the next phase of changes..


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