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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam Hussein DEAD

Hmm today (I mean yesterday) was Saddam's execution date. Even though this man here had caused untold anguise and sorrow to many people, what was once a man deemed strong-willed, powerful and evil has turned into a old man, weary and beaten.

Suddenly all the hatred I had to this man seems to vanish into thin air. I do not know why. There is now pity inside my heart for him. I do not know why..Even though I strongly agree that a sentence of hanging to death is by no mean enough for this man, I just can't stand and watch this, execution.

Is it appropriate to have public execution? Or the otherwise? Punishment is one thing, humiliation is another. I really do not see the point of show his hanging on tv, I really don't. A man can be beaten but not humiliated.

Anyway Mr. Saddam Hussein died at 11am. May he be given what he gave to others in Hell, and after that, I shall pray that he be reincarnated into a good person.

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