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Monday, January 14, 2008



Hehe holiday lo~~

It's been a week since holiday started and it's already getting boring..

Well my holiday resolutions as below:

1. Exercises.

2. Must be able to play Mariage D'amour and Kiss The Rain beautifully.

3. Haha last but not least, is pigging! Pigging's the most important thing! I haven't had a good pigging since study week to exam's end and this holiday is just the best time for me to pig as long as I want!(Well, as long as my mom doesn't come banging on my door..haha..)

*Pigging virtually means Sleeping la, hehe..

Did I manage to accomplish them? Sure. I finally menaged to play Mariage without referring to the sheet and there's only one small part in Kiss The Rain that I'm still trying to perfect. ^_^

Exercise? I've been doing push-ups,sit-ups and whatever -ups that I can think of for half an hour everyday and today(Sunday) I went for a jog. Not bad huh?

Pigging? Yea, I've been pigging for far too much. Haha, luckily my mom was not that strict and now I'm relying on Aireen for my wake up call. Thank you so much Aireen, I can't imagine a life without you~~~Muaks :P

Well I guess that's all for now, next week I'll give an update on wether I have the dicipline to continue them. ^_^

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