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Monday, January 21, 2008


Resolution: Part 2

So, how's my resolution going on so far?

Well all I can say is, so near, yet so far....

Why so?

Okay let starts with exercises.

Exercise 30 minutes everyday. Yeah, I'm glad to say that I did that! Just that, I skipped wednesday, I skipped friday, I skipped saturday. So, success?

Playing the piano. Oh well since I successfully recorded Mariage D'amour for dear Aireen I begin to get a little lazy, haven't touch the piano since last Tuesday or Wednesday.(Except the bit where I have to teach my brother :D)

Pigging. Haha this is the only resolution I can say proudly that it is done successfully! Most of the time I seemed to overdo it, hehehe. ^_^

So the result:

1. 30 minutes of exercises. 5 days out of the possible 7. Passed.

2. Play Mariage D'amour and Kiss The Rain beautifully. I still can't grasp that difficult part, so 1 song done and the other 3/4 done for a total of 1 and a 3/4 done. Passed.

3. Pigging. No questions about it. Passed, with distinction. *clap clap*

Thank to me myself and a deer(dear) who is always on my mind. ^_^


Now to a more serious matter, my result.

I'm not going to post here how much I got but suffice to say, I passed all my subjects, and my CGPA's increased. It's not much, just a mere 0.11 increase but still, better than a drop right?


You know you are in love
when you see the world in her eyes,
and her eyes everywhere in the world.


Anonymous said...

next time i tell you wish song i like somemore k? encouragement for u to practise the piano. kakaka...


Alvin Chen said...

Hahaha, bring it on! But not to difficult ya..:P

Anonymous said...

lvin chen gets a new gf.. haha!!


Alvin Chen said...

wah..wat new gf..I don't have gf before pun...simply say..huhu..T_T