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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why ISA again?

Well if anyone notice, the government decided to use ISA again on civilians. I just saw this piece of sad news yesterday, and I am really pissed off by it!

How can the government do such things? The reporter got detained instead of the stupid perpetrator Ah Mad. 

I do hope DSAI really is going to takeover the government and abolish this draconian law. 

It just showed that the goverment, when cornered like a hunted animal, will give whatever it have just to be alive. Any sound-minded Malaysian will surely disagree with any use of ISA on normal people such as you and me.

No vote for BN anymore for the rest of my life, damn flip-flop Abdullah.

(*Am I going to be detained under ISA too for ranting about the government?*) 

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Mel said...

perhaps soon.