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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Mid-Autumn Festival

Irene's birthday!
Happy birthday,  Irene, my dear friend I knew since my first-year of University, who very much influenced me alot on many things  (really :P). May all your wishes come true Irene! 

It the time of the year again where everyone's eating mooncakes and talking about Chang-e, the lovely Moon Deity.

Unfortunately I was so busy doing assignments that I barely noticed when the clock ticked 12am of August 15th of the Chinese Calender.

With Aireen and Pegan we bought a box of mooncakes with different flavours. I kinda like the box which is made of high quality wood, which is out of my expectation (consider that we bought the mooncakes for Rm30++ only).

Our mooncakes!

And what's a mooncake supper without some tea?

Tip: Have your mooncake with tea, without the tea you'll quickly grow tired of it. :D

Alvin Ang also bought a Teochew mooncake for us.

The top right mooncake that is. Teochew Mooncake!!

Albeit the lack of any moon-sighting (because of the damn rain), I had a really nice mooncake supper. You can see how happy I was with this picture:

I'm happy means I can barely open my eyes when I smile :P

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Everyone! 

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Anonymous said...

of coz happy lah. samo dare to say. tak celebr8 with us aso.