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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Genting Trip Part 2

Sorry for the late post, part of it because I'm busy and the rest of it is because I'm lazy.

Plain simple.

Shopping Spree Time again. Anyone goes shopping yet?

Happy Shopping!

So after going to the Outdoor Theme Park twice, I was really exhausted. After having my cup of instant noodle and bath I'm off to bed, while Aireen decided to go with the rest for the Indoor Theme Park.

The plan is to meet at the cinema at 11pm for the Movie "
武侠梁祝" or "Butterfly Lovers".

Butterfly Lovers

We meet up at 11pm and into the cinema we goes.

What a mistake.

This movie tries to emulate the famous Chinese Love Story Butterfly Lovers, but with a twist in the background story, and that's all. The rest is just copy and paste.

2 hours inside is like watching barney sings for 2 hours.

Hi there! Do you feel like killing me?

Really reminded me of this song. Sing it with the Barney Tune.

" I love you, you love me,
let's go out and kill Barney,
with a shotgun Bang Bang,
Barney on the floor,
no more purple dinosaur!!! "

After grueling through 2 hours of misery, we finally finished watching, with Aireen together we met up with Bernard, Guan and Yukie to go the casino.

It was my first time. A little excited, but the smoke really kills the mood.

After wondering around and watching others bet, Aireen decided to go back to the hotel room first because it's starting to get boring since we didn't bet on anything, at first.

Ah Guan and I decided to play on 'Big Small'. Guan was very smart in this, as he correctly guess the numbers a lot of time, he managed to win RM200++..while I didn't win, but I didn't lost either. :)

Then we're back at the hotel and we sit at the hotel corridor just outside my room. We chatted until around 5.30am before they decide to walk around.

All in all everything's fine and it's a lovely trip. :)

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