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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Genting Trip part 1

Gathering with friends
I went for a gathering and met my friends. Bai Lei (Rotten Brats) we called ourselves and oh my we're so crazy with all those dirty jokes..XD
There's one joke I particularly like :
Friend A : Aiyo!! When become so fat liao you??!!
Friend B : How I know ar, someone feeds me full full everyday lor!
Friend A : No la, how can..he must be everyday do pumping to you, pump until you fat fat..
Friend B : Har? How to pump?
Friend A : Pumping la (While doing actions that resembled a balloon clown pumping a balloon, just that more obscene and dirty..)
Friend B : Lu Si Khiam Phak Liao Si Bo?? (meaning "you wan kena from me izit??")
Hope you all don't throw banana skin to me for the joke! :P
Happy Deepavali!!

After exam I went up to Genting to relax, although I did relax, I also got something unexpected.

The day before the trip barely sleep 'cause I just finished my exams and it's party time! Play game whole night until 4am, then tak boleh tahan go to have a nap 'til 5am. Prepared by 5.30am, waited for everyone to get ready, almost tertidur while waiting..

Surprisingly, we arrived at Genting at around 9.15am, and we thought we're only arriving by 11 something. Quite an accomplishment!

Then to the theme park..The first thing everyone wanted to play is this..

Wow, I never knew it's Malaysia's wonder it looked so old..

Malaysia's 1st Roller Coaster

I decided to opt out of this 'cause I'm still feeling wobbly (lack of sleep + Bus-phobia). Despite being only a 4 seater carriage, this thing can surprise you if you're not careful. Quite fun, but only as a warm-up for the rest, like this towering behemoth :

The Towering Behemoth, sort of :)

I've forgotten what's the name for this thing. Right after getting on Malaysia's 1st Roller Coaster, the next one we want to try is this thing. Too bad most of my gf's friends dare not try this and only 5 of us including me and my girlfriend dared to try this on.

Too bad i can't take my phone up there with me to snap some pics. The view up there is astonishingly gorgeous.

Too bad I can't say much during the way down. You have to experience it yourself. Suffice to say, after a moment of shaky-legs and
chairgong-ness (blur-case), there's only two possible outcomes when describing it, it's either WOW!!! or THIS IS DA SHIAT!!!! or maybe both of them. XD

After that we go on to play the Cockscrew Roller Coaster and the rest of what the theme park can offer us. By the time we finished I'm so tired I can sleep while standing, if not for my girlfriend with smiles like this

Oh, so sweet..I mean the one in the middle mind you, not the other :P

I think I can just say bye bye to all and go to sleep on the floor.

We're to check into our hotel rooms at 3pm and so we had our lunch at the always-packed KFC since it's the cheapest food we can get.

3pm came and I thought I could finally rest. WRONG. I finally understands why women are not to be angered..(details private, sorry guys)

After a moment's rest we're back to the theme park and play almost the whole thing again..except for the Towering Behemoth.

That's all for part one, part two would be the casino part. Stay Tuned.

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