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Saturday, July 09, 2011

July 9th, 2011

I joined the Bersih March today, 9th July.

How was it? It was mind-blowing.

My journey towards Stadium Merdeka started from Kelana Jaya LRT station, around 12.30P.M. Upon reaching the station, already got at least 5 policemen so efficiently on guard. If everyday also guard around LRT stations, Malaysia crime rate sure drop by at least half already lor.

Next stop : Pasar Seni ~1:15P.M.

Already police are asking everyone of us to leave the station immediately while leaving only one small door for like 1000 people inside the station to get out from. I take back my word on police efficiency.

Outside the station, FRU already blocking the bridge. People were gathering around the area. Helicopters hovering around.


Follow group walking towards Maybank / Jalan Pudu. Along the journey one small Indian stall selling drinks got crowded with people buying drinks from his stall. Untung banyak la as the only stall still open.

Reached Maybank. Saw YB Ngar Kor Ming in person. He looked much fatter than what I usually see of him on Youtube.

Chanting of "Hidup Rakyat!" , " Hidup Bersih!".


FRU started spraying tear gas and water cannon. Got my first experience being sprayed with these devilish things. Group dispersed, regrouped and marched towards Pudu bus station.

Helicopters hovering very low, attempting to disperse us? Group stucked along Jalan Pudu. Closed off from both sides. Something is very wrong here.

Everyone started singing "Negaraku".

Police fired tear gas again, one landed right beside me. Ran like hell!! Tear gas all around, eyes felt so hot! Coughing non-stop, good people around started distributing salt for consumption. Good men and women.

Ran to Tong Shin Hospital/ Magnum building. Rained heavily, miraculously, right after FRU fired the tear gases. Blessings from the heavens ?? =D

People started to climb over fence to escape from hospital compound. Everyone helping each other out. Really touched.


Joined another group walking towards KLCC. Chanting along the way. Police around Bukit Bintang just watched as we march along.


Finally all gathered in front of KLCC amid some confusion and fatigue. YB Chua Jui Meng and some other leaders giving speech.


helicopters hovering very low again. After that FRU started firing tear gases again and policemen closing in on us, VERY FAST. Already caught a few protesters. For the rest of us, there's only one thing left to do:

RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Managed to get into KLCC safely, only to get myself stucked inside for around 30 minutes as LRT's closed and all exits closed.


Things started to cool down around KLCC, heard that people were gathering around Petaling Street but no matter, my mission here is already accomplished. Time to go home.


Reached home safely. :)

From this experience, I'm seeing all walks of life, Aunty/Uncles/MakCik/PakCik in their 70s, young couples, groups of young people all gathered around, helping each other out, irrespective of races. This is already 1Malaysia! =)



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