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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Shitty Week...

This week is the most "exciting" week in Melaka..You know why? First..I got a bad result for my midterm..which i thought i can do better..Then..Fees...RM1811.25...Damn MMU..two months of study = RM1811.25...And the equation of stupidity....

Bad Result = RM1811.25

How sad was dissapointed was stupid was lazy was crazy was hardworking was playful was bad was good was happy was tired was sweet was I..

Try adding all that emotions and feelings together and mixed it in 5 seconds..And if you can do that..Then you know how shitty this week will be for me...

Who knows my pain..No one..

I just want to shout out loud :"!@#$%%^&*^*&^%@^$!#%!^@$^&#!$#$!!!!!!!!"

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