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Saturday, December 10, 2005

My 4th week of MMU..

Oh man..i didn't wash my clothes for a week..again...saturday will be a busy tons of clothes waiting for me..

Seems to me that i've neglected the calculus..didn't touch it for a week already...coz of physics i guess...the assignment..the tutorials..wah..another weight worth a TON i have to bear..

Played Football with Reimi them on Wednesday...quite nice..i scored twice! Haha..altough this is my first game since like..6 months ago...hehe...

Got a little confused about my feelings..but..i already figured out what to do..^_^"...

Well..i've decided not buy a new graphic card..coz i think i do not need it..yet...i've still got like 4 weeks to survive in Melaka..

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