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Friday, February 08, 2008

Plan B

My chinese new year is quite fun and interestingly, not as boring as I thought.

I just came back from a gathering and along the way back a good friend of mine suddenly asked me:" What's your plan for your future?".

I just said, I want to become an engineer, and with determination and luck further my studies oversea and find a good job.

A typical plan right?

He said, your plan is good, but what if your plan fails? Do you have a Plan B?

Suddenly I was speechless.

What IF my plan fails and I turned out to be a loser? Did I have a Plan B for myself? What should I do if everything fails?

Surprisingly, I do not have an answer.

My friend is in the direct sales business, he is in this business for about a year now and he told me how he learned things he never would in his life if he did not joined at the first place.

What things he learned?

Things about people. How to manage people, how to set your future, your life's target. Simple to say, things you want in your life.

Do you want to be working for the rest of your life? Or do you prefer to be your own boss, with 4 Mercedeses and 3 BMWs parked in front of your banglo house? Or you are just hoping that lady luck will come to you naturally and helps you wins 4D everyday?

Plan for you future. Yes everyone can do that. You can say "I want to be a millionaire.", but what if your plan fails and you turns out to be a beggar instead? Where's plan B?

Think about it.

Parents want us to study hard, hoping that our good result will land us a good job with a high pay. But did parents ever said, "Son, be your own boss. Create your own business!"?

One's view of one's future will affect his/her whole life. Think PROPERLY of what you want to do, PLAN it and PUSH yourself to accomplish it.

If you want to be an employee, then be a good one (e.g my father-->a proud recipient of multiple employees of the month award). If you want to be a boss, be as great as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone..


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Anonymous said...

dear you'll be successful! Don't ever give up in whatever things you do. will be here to support you always!